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StesCodes Social Login - V1.0

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The below is the diagrammatic representation of how user information is collected.

Signin with social login

         Is a great and an easy way for you to login to different social networking sites without much ado. Our service 'Social Login' provides a new way to login that is secure, makes implementation across several platforms/protocols (OpenID, OAuth, hybrids etc) simple and easy.

Benefits of leveraging our API's

  1. Time for you to focus on your core competency
  2. Provide relevant information to your clients
  3. Time saved from not having to enter login credentials every time you login
  4. Increase site traffic
  5. Reduce several weeks of development and implementation time

How it works:

          Social Login works with standard field structure contains the user profile informations. Social login container contains different servies like Facebook, Google Plus, twitter, linkedin etcs. Once the user clicks on the service, he/she will be taken to the popup window, which will ask the user for the login. Once the user login to his/her account and is complete with the authorization, the popup will close and the user will get back to the parent window. This process will get access token from the service, by using the access token, all the user public profile information such as id, displayname, firstname, lastname, email, phone, profileurl, photo, aboutme, birthday, martial status, gender and relationship. Once you receive the information on coding side, check your databased to see if user exist with this id, if there exist a user then login the user to you website, if the user doesn't exist pre-fill the registration form with the user profile details and ask him/her to register. Users are free to try the social login using the trial developer key.

Why Social Login:
  • Reduce the registration time
  • Reduce the hassle of entering username and password for login
  • Increase more network traffic to website
  • Increase more signups
  • Access rich profile data including gender, profile link, email, photo and more
  • Eliminate the issue of forgotten user names and passwords
  • StesCodes Social Login is a one time payment product
  • StesCodes provides regular code update
  • 100% UI customizable
  • StesCodes uses autoupdate feature
  • StesCodes provides technical support on integration and other issues related to our product

Social Login can be used in:
  • Social networking websites
  • Shopping cart websites.
  • Product related websites.
  • Websites which have user profiles.
  • Website's login page.
  • Website's registration page.

          There are Social Login products already existing in the market however it might not fit your real need. StesCodes has invented a Social Login ideology which pretty much fits into any kind of web application. Social login authenticates the user through secure login process called the OAuth which makes the login process more simple and secure. StesCodes supports service for Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live and much more.

Register using social login

           StesCodes Social login allows the web user to login/signup to your website in seconds. It increase more signups and marketing scale; Social login eliminates the traditional way of remembering username and password. Social Login improve more traffic to your website allowing the user to login to your website in clicks rather than the hazzle of remembering the password all time. With Social Login user shall connect to major social networks and mail servers like Facebook Google Plus, twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Windows Live, OpenID and more in just seconds. Our social login work with standard field structure and can be used to empower the user web experience..

          Research has found many consumers provide fake information during registration in order to speed up the process which results in incorrect records and meaningless data. The good news is that StesCodes Social Login solutions exist to get you back on track and speed up registration avoiding invalid user information.



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