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Friends Inviter

StesCodes Friends Inviter - V5.0

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You can try our demo by clicking the below social networking site icons. We provide grabbing service for all language with the autoupdate feature. StesCodes friends inviter grabs friends from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networks. This DLL version is for .net users, if you need friends inviter for different language(PHP, JSP etc) you can explore the StesCodes API   which is very easy and simple to integrate. We also offer webservice to grab contacts which is easy to use. We provide free trial which includes free sample code and free trial signature key (to try our product before buying). You can plug in the code into your project and try the functionality. Try Our Interactive Console. Download the sample code by clicking the appropriate language icon below.

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  • Download
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  • Download
Do you want to invite your social network friends from ? click here Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn and Google Friends Connect
  • Fetch Twitter Friends
  • Fetch LinkedIn Friends
  • Fetch Facebook Friends
  • Fetch Skyrock Friends
  • Fetch Sonico Friends
The below service uses "Internal" authentication
  • Fetch Hi5 Friends
  • Fetch Yelp Friends
  • Fetch Plaxo Friends
  • Fetch Flixter Friends
  • Fetch Last.FM Friends
  • Fetch Bebo Friends
  • Fetch Xanga Friends
  • Fetch Zorpia Friends
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            As on our journey StesCodes has taken the next step in sending invitation/message to their friends. Friends Inviter allows you to take advantage of social graph and create native viral growth for your community by allowing users to invite their friends. While inviting your friends you can invite them with a sizzling message as you like. You can invite friends from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and so on. You can buck friends from any number of social sites and address the invitation to them. We support all .net versions greater than 3.5. Just enter your login details, select the friends and type the invitation message then send it to your friends. No exe issues found here.

            Enjoy the fun and simplicity of inviting friends in an easy way. StesCodes provide a solution to invite you friends using our new feature friends inviter. Avoid the hassle of managing contacts; here is a cool way to invite your friends with a warm message. StesCodes provides ideal solution for inviting your friends. Our simple code provides great solution for you; Enter your credential, select your friends, and send message.

The below is the diagrammatic representation of how Friends are fetched.

Fetch friends from Twitter, Facebook, Hi5, Myspace and more..

             Our Friend Inviter provides the option to select their friends from various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The user just need to authenticate their account, type their message or invitation, select their friends, finally after hitting the send button, the invitation/ message reaches their friends inbox or in notification area in their network profile. Fetch friends from social sites, send invite to any number of friends "No email server" required for implementation. Get our coolest features for lowest price.

  • StesCodes uses no EXEs
  • StesCode source code will work both in shared and dedicated servers
  • Grabs friends id, name, screen name and image url
  • StesCodes provides code update
  • StesCodes Friends Inviter is a one time payment product.
  • StesCodes provides code update
  • 100% UI customizable
  • StesCodes uses autoupdate feature
  • StesCodes provide technical support on integration and other issues related to our product.



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